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The Most Popular Accessories Across Europe

From watches to rings, sunglasses to gloves, Trendhim reveals the most popular fashion accessories currently dominating the European fashion market.

Integral to bringing an outfit together, fashion accessories are the ideal way to add hints of your personality into what you wear. As patterns, colours and styles come in and out of fashion, accessories such as watches, rings, chains, gloves and more, remain staples to a complete wardrobe, withstanding trend shifts.

To offer insight into the current European fashion landscape, we analysed Google search data across the last year (January 2022-2023) across European countries to reveal the most-searched accessory within each.

Europe’s Most Searched Fashion Accessories

In the UK, watches are the most popular accessory at 3,183,000 searches. This is followed by rings and sunglasses. However, rings are the most searched accessory across all European countries in our dataset - generating 7.7 million searches in the last year.

Accessory - Total searches (Jan 22 - Jan 23)*

Rings - 7,719,330

Watches - 7,666,270

Sunglasses - 3,760,940

Bracelets - 2,501,480

Necklaces - 2,139,250

Ties - 1,460,520

Scarves - 1,305,210

Gloves - 1,056,310

Belts - 868,240

Cufflinks - 711,600

Bow ties - 286,100

Pocket squares - 211,750

Tie clips - 162,620

*across European countries in our dataset (excl. Russia, see caveats)

In France, bracelets came out on top with 728,000 searches - and in Spain, ties generated 333,500 searches in the last year making them the top most-searched accessory. Whilst, in Monaco, sunglasses take the top spot.

Reflecting the colder climates, in Belarus, gloves are the second most-searched accessory - and in Sweden, scarves are the third most-searched accessory.

1 The most popular accessories across europe1.1 How to style popular accessories

How To Style Popular Accessories

If you’re keen to keep up with the European fashion trends then we’re here to help. Here are some timeless ways men can style some of the most popular accessories revealed in our research to give your everyday outfits more of an edge.


Believe it or not, there’s a right way to wear a watch when it comes to being fashionable. Whilst it may not be as crucial to your day-to-day outfits, more formal events that require you to be suited and booted can be totally altered by the way you choose to style this popular accessory.

Generally, you need to think about the metal colour, strap material and style of your watch depending on what you’re wearing. Wear your watch loose enough to have full use of your wrist and never, ever, wear your watch over a shirt sleeve. For more do’s and don’ts of watch styling visit our guide on How To Wear A Men’s Watch With Style.


Rings have been an empowering accessory for men throughout history and even today is no different. There are a few key tips for styling Europe's most popular fashion accessory to ensure it accentuates your style.

Go subtle or go statement, there’s no in-between when it comes to styling rings. We recommend no more than three rings per hand - that way you type a bit better! Other key ring styling rules have been broken down in our 4 Style Tips for Wearing Men’s Rings.


The key to styling men’s bracelets is the illusion of effortlessness. Whilst you may care enough to be researching how best to wear bracelets, your style should appear natural and unbothered. Some key ways to do this include ensuring your bracelets fit well, opting for natural materials and matching your bracelet style to the occasion. Explore more in our guide How To Style Men’s Bracelets Without Overdoing It.


A summer staple, sunglasses are an easy way to look cool - whatever you’re wearing. The key to styling sunglasses is to choose a pair that best compliments your face shape i.e. rounded sunglasses for square-shaped heads or rectangular sunglasses for round heads. For men, the top of your sunglasses should follow the line of your eyebrows and, it might go without saying, but don’t wear sunglasses in the dark - you don’t look cool, you just look silly.

More sunglasses styling tips can be found in our Sunglasses Guide.


Know what story you want to tell when it comes to the chain you choose to wear. Whether it’s an engraved dog tag, a simple chain or a pendant, each can convey a particular message about the type of style you prefer and the personality beneath the look.

Match the metal hue of your chain to the rest of your accessories for a complete metallic look that accentuates your chosen colour palette and provides a well-rounded look.

Check out our Ultimate Guide To Necklaces for more styling tips.


Last, but not least. The tie may be an archaic fashion accessory but it has withstood the test of time and continues to rank popular across Europe. Ranging in styles, colours, lengths, and widths, the tie is yet another versatile fashion accessory that can make or break formal attire.

As we touch upon in our piece, How To Wear Neck Ties it’s the material of a tie that can really make it the centrepiece of a successful outfit. Silk neckties are ideal for luxury, high-end events, whereas woollen ties provide a more rustic look. The decision you make can, pardon the pun, really tie together your look and make the statement you intend.