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Locs is the hard-core American shades company well known for its cool style of wrap around, biker sunglasses. If you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie, he actually stole his sunglasses from a biker. Although most designs are very masculine, we have included some unisex looks as well.

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LOCS Men's Sunglasses

From classic biker style to hardcore gangsta swag, Locs sunglasses have become an evergreen staple of men's style. You know those pixellated sunglasses that come down over people's faces in the "thug life" meme. Those are Locs!

Well, not really... they're just pixel representations of generic black shades, but they could be!

Stay Focused

What makes LOCS sunglasses unique are the signature thick temples. Not only do they provide a big canvas for the classic LOCS logo, but they shield your eyes from light coming in from the sides. Focus on what's right in front of you. What's peripheral is... well... peripheral.

These iconic, quality shades add that extra bit of street to your style. Anyone can wear them, from fishermen to bikers to pilots, but once you put them on, you're a LOCS man. You may leave the streets, but the streets are right in front of your eyes.