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13 products
13 products

Here you'll find shaving stands that can hold shaving brushes, razors, and even shaving bowls. Recommended maintenance for all good quality, natural animal hair shaving brushes is to hang them with their bristles facing down. Shaving stands do an admiral job of exactly that.

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13 products


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Shaving Brush Stand

When you hang your shaving brush upside down to air dry you ensure that the bristles stay as good as new for the longest time. When selecting a shaving stand for purchase, you should be certain that the stand is tall enough to accommodate the length of your brush and that your brush's diameter will fit snuggly on the holder.

Razor Stand

A shaving stand represents the best tool to not only organise your shaving implements in one place on a very attractive package. It also helps with the proper maintenance of your shaving instruments.

Most stands suit both modern razors and old-fashioned safety razors. When purchasing the stand, please consult the holder sizes in the "Dimensions" section.