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A shaving bowl is part and parcel of the old-school implements required for a perfect wet shave experience. They are designed to be the perfect receptacle for a shaving soap bar to be whipped up into a rich lather by a badger hair shaving brush so the lather can be applied evenly to your face.

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Shaving bowl, an indispensable part of wet shaving.

Whipping up lather from shaving soap using a good brush is the first step to any wet shave. Shaving bowls are made with large enough diameters so you have enough room for the bar of soap and the brush to lather it up. It is important to think of the size of your shaving brush when choosing your shaving bowl.

The Classic Shaving Mug

Real shaving connoisseurs swear by the traditional shaving mugs. They are relatively large ceramic bowls that have a solid handle to work with.

How to use your shaving bowl.

Start by thoroughly soaking your shaving brush bristles in lukewarm water. Next use circular motions to whip up the shaving soap into a nice lather then apply it to your face. By using only quality shaving soaps, you will soon figure out how much lather you need to produce for a nice close shave.