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When it comes to a clean shave, the equipment you wield is just as important as the technique you use. Take your shaving game to a whole new level with our sleek, ergonomic men’s razor handles. Designed for use with cartridge razor blades.

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Cartridge Razor Handles

Open any men’s magazine and you’ll see an ad for a cartridge razor and replacement blades. This type of men’s razor was created to make shaving more convenient through easy-to-use-and-replace cartridge blades.

The main benefit of cartridge razors is that they're quick and relatively safe – it’s difficult to do extreme damage with one (unlike a straight razor). Each of ours fit our own refill cartridge blades and those you find at your local pharmacy and supermarket.

Why Not Just Buy A Disposable Safety Razor?

A disposable safety razor is one in which the blade and handle are constructed in 1 piece and is thrown away once the blades grow dull. These usually come in a bag and are relatively cheap at the local supermarket. The blades on these will not last as long as a quality refill cartridge and that can show on your face and the closeness of your shave.

Getting a Closer Shave

You are in control of the shave. This control is affected by how you grip the razor handle. If the handle is too big, you won’t be able to grip it comfortably. If it’s too thin or poorly designed, your hand could slip and well, there goes your head. The ideal razor blade handle is one that lets you feel confident and puts the control in your hand... literally.

Our selection of cartridge razor handles feature grips that:

Allow your fingers to feel secure while using the razor handle.

Do not trap water and prevent slipping.

Fit comfortably in your hand and rotate easily.

Maybe you never thought much about the razor handle? But the last thing you want is the handle to slip out of your hand while running a sharp piece of steel across your jugular.

Can I Bring a Razor in my Carry-On Luggage?

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration of the United States), you are allowed to take both disposable razors and cartridge razors in your carry-on bag. This includes the razor handle and replacement cartridges. Do check with other countries and airlines before packing because rules may vary.