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Lads, if you think you’re being smart by misappropriating your girlfriend's hair brush for your own beard, you’re not. The delicate hair on a lady's head is a lot different than the coarse, sexy bristles that make up your beard. Treat your facial forest as it deserves to be treated. Get it a quality beard brush today. You can thank us later.
Scroll all the way down for some awesome tips about maintaining an awesome beard.

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Why you need a beard brush

If you've just started growing your beard, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of products people tell you to buy to get the beard of your dreams.

Each man's beard is different and when it comes to beard brushes, they may or may not work for you. The general consensus is that for the best results, you should try both a beard brush and beard comb before choosing one (or both).

Boar's hair beard brushes retain oils

Boar's hair beard brushes are the best quality beard brushes you can buy. The boar hair helps stimulate natural oil production and spreads the oils throughout the entire length of the hairs.

A brush gives your beard a fuller look

The general rule of thumb is: a comb is for styling and a brush is to give your beard a fuller, thicker look. Brushing with a beard brush helps the hairs lay in one direction, as well as ensuring full coverage of oils throughout the beard.

Boar's hair bristles differ in length

The stock standard brush from a shelf has plastic bristles of the same length. Natural boar's hair brushes have bristles of different lengths. This means they help spread oil right throughout the beard evenly, with no missing spots.

Beard brushes for vegans

In the beard world, boar bristle beard brushes are usually considered as the only realistic choice. This won't work if you're a vegan, however. Synthetic brushes are given a hard time, but there are several high-quality ones available. They're just a little bit harder to find.

Tips for brushing your beard

Brushing shouldn't be done carelessly. With a bit of thought, your beard will be soft, thick and very good-looking after brushing if you remember these tips.

Do not brush a wet beard. When you brush your beard immediately after a shower, expect to lose beard hair. Establish a routine where you first shower and then brush your beard, after you've applied oil and/or balm. This will help prevent beard hair loss and the tendency for wet hair to mat together.

Brush after applying oils. The biggest benefit of brushing with boar hair bristles is the ability to maintain your beard's oil content. Brushing after you apply oils will maximise both the health benefits and softness of your beard.

Keep your beard brush clean. The natural hairs of a boar brush will provide a smooth beard for years, but for best results, clean your brush regularly. As a bonus, it'll make the girlfriend feel bad about her brush being full of hair.

Experiment with horse hair bristles. Horse hair beard brushes have been making a comeback in the beard brushing game. They do a good job at spreading the oil throughout the beard but have yet to overtake boar hair brushes in popularity.

Where to buy the best beard brush in the UK?

Are you convinced a beard brush will bring the best out of your beard? All our beard brushes are made of the highest quality materials and will last a long, long time.